Olio extravergine di oliva Le Creve – Garda DOP

Le Creve extra virgin olive oil is made on the banks of Lake Garda, the coldest latitude where olives can grow. From century-old plants that are cultivated using traditional techniques, Le Creve extra virgin olive oil has reached excellence: an oil without defects, whose delicate but sought-after flavour can add a touch of elegance to food and can even turn a simple piece of bread into a sublime delicacy.

The ‘Casaliva’ cultivar used to produce Le Creve develops fruity notes on the palate  that mainly recall green almonds and blend perfectly with the delicate piquancy of the aftertaste, with the additional advantage of having a very low acidity.

It is perfect as is on cheese appetisers, fish and vegetable crudités, or on important cuts of grilled meat.

To flavour each note at best, however, try drizzle it on freshly-toasted bread. The warmth of the bread releases the aromas of Le Creve extra virgin olive oil, allowing the palate to relish the flavour of freshly picked and freshly pressed olives with every bite.

The production of olive oil is limited because of the reduced number of trees, but we do not buy it from others. All our bottles are numbered and Garda PDO certified

Olio extravergine di oliva Le Creve Garda DOP


Olio extravergine di oliva Le Creve Garda DOP

A dream, a family business, local excellence

My name is Paolo Forelli. A few years ago I followed my dream and started making Le Creve Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil. I believe that growing olives is like writing a book, mine is permeated with my pride and stubbornness, and my desire to obtain the best results by overcoming the difficulties encountered. This is why my oil is made in a manner that respects nature, leaving healthy olive trees for my children, should they choose to follow in my path and carry on the business respecting the values I want to teach them. Farming is being continually more spoilt by industrial models, flour enriched with gluten to make dough easier to work, OGM products, intensive farming, and herbicides. The result is that our heath suffers; the chemical components used on crops “contaminate” our food. This is why I want to grow olives naturally, without resorting to products that can damage our health. My healthy olive trees that are full of fruit are living proof of my passion.

How to understand if an oil is truly good


Aroma, flavour, piquancy,

that is what to look for in top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

A simple method for appreciating quality olive oil is to boil a potato and, while it is still hot and smoking, drizzle a few drops of oil onto it. The warmth of the potato immediately releases the aromas of the oil, preparing the palate to appreciate every note of its flavour.

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Olio extravergine di oliva Le Creve Garda DOP