Our oil

Le Creve - Garda D.O.P. is a superior quality extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from the olives using mechanical processes only. The distinctive vegetal aroma recalls the local, healthy and well processed fruit in it. The fruitiness is of medium intensity, elegant and clean, while the flavour of green almonds is distinctly present. The fluidity and structure of this oil is excellent. Its positive attributes are well dosed and perfectly balanced, its bitterness is perceptible, and its piquant aftertaste is persistent.



The label:

Monocultivar Casaliva

Category: slightly fruity

Cold pressed

Certified by a Control Organism authorised by MIPAAFT.




The recipe:

roast deer sirloin,
pistachio nut purée, lemon honey
and puffed rice chips with wasabi

This recipe is by Matteo Metullio, 2 Michelin stars, La Siriola restaurant in S. Cassiano


- 350g cleaned deer sirloin

- 125g pistachio nut paste

- 100g soft puréed potatoes

- 50g wildflower honey

- 10g lemon juice

- 5g mustard


- 50g carnaroli rice

- 10g wasabi paste

- 10g shelled pistachio nuts

- 100 ml brown stock

- Le Creve extra virgin olive oil

- Oil for frying, as required

To make the pistachio nut purée:
Prepare some very creamy potato purée and blast chill it to +3.
When cold, mix it with the pistachio nut paste, adding salt and pepper.
Roughly chop the pistachio nuts and set them aside, to finish the dish later.

To make the lemon honey:
Using a whisk, mix the honey, the lemon juice and the mustard together until smooth.

To make the puffed rice chips:
Cook the rice in a litre of salted water for one hour.
Blend everything (including the necessary quantity of water used to cook the rice) in a Thermomix® kitchen appliance, until you obtain a smooth rice cream.
Add the wasabi, blend again and salt to taste.
Roll out the dough on some Silpat mats until it is 2 mm thick, then leave it to dry under the heating lamps.